GPS Advertising on Visage HD touch-screen.

In keeping with The Island Country Club’s high quality of service and desire to continually remain on the cutting-edge, The Island has recently implemented Baton Rouge’s first Visage HD touch screen GPS. Our entire fleet, consisting of 75 Club Car golf carts, are equipped with this industry leading technology. Each monitor will display an HD color image of the course, with easy to read distances to the hole as well as to relevant course features and hazards. The system also includes real-time scoring ability, food and beverage options, and a unique, niche marketing opportunity.

The Island alone will host annually 30-40 outside outings as well as 30,000 rounds of golf with all of these golfers being potential consumers of YOUR product or service.

GPS advertising is an opportunity to reach this affluent demographic in a distinctive atmosphere. Relaxing, welcoming, and enjoyable, The Island environment inspires individuals to pursue greatness and succeed. Let your business capture this audience. Think outside the box! Make your mark! Get noticed!

Golf Digest estimates that as high as 78% of all major business transactions touch a golf course before being finalized. Golf courses provide a positive, tranquil setting, which encourage light-hearted, comfortable conversation – an escape from the office, room to explore, an opportunity to find clarity. This is a one-of-a-kind environment to deliver your message.

In comparison to other types of advertising, GPS provides a lengthy exposure period for each display. For instance, 7 seconds in print media, 30 seconds for television, and 60 seconds for radio, GPS advertising offers more onscreen advertising, for less money, providing greater overall value. Furthermore, the total value of each package consists of a sizeable sum of golfing privileges, creating a tax benefit for those organizations that may be purchasing golf regardless. The golf passes are unrestricted, completely transferrable and valid until the end of your contractual agreement.


One year advertising One year advertising One year advertising
40 transferable rounds 80 transferable rounds 125 transferable rounds
**Rounds valued at $2400 **Rounds valued at $4800 **Rounds valued at $7500

*Each package includes a one hour, 12-person golf clinic with Chris Burkstaller-PGA Director of Golf. This can be used as a team builder for your employees or a client appreciation event.