Golf Tips from our pros

Winter Conditions, De-Loft Your Short Shots Around the Green
By: Chris Burkstaller, PGA Professional

As the golf courses in town transition to Winter dormancy the lies around the greens get much thinner. Pair that with rain that seems to not want to ever dry up because of cooler temperatures and you have short game nightmares. When you are just off of the green, go against your instinct of hitting a high lofted pitch shot. A little flinch and you are sure to hit that shot fat or scull it over the green. Take maybe a 7-Iron, 8-Iron or 9-Iron and chip that ball where you normally hit the high pitch. Remember, the setup of a typical chip shot is as follows for a right hander:

    1. Ball position on the RIGHT heel
    2. Shaft leans to the LEFT front pocket
    3. Weight a little more on the LEFT foot
    4. Use ZERO wrists, ALL arm swing
    5. Make an equidistant stroke
    6. Hit the ball on a slightly DESCENDING arc

Another option that I don’t see players utilize enough is the putter from off of the edge of the green. If you are a player that has the tendency to hit chips and pitches fat, try the putter from the edge of the green. You CAN’T hit the putter fat!!!

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Junior Golfers, When to Begin?
By: Chris Burkstaller, PGA Professional

One of the most asked questions I get in golf instruction is “When should I start my kid with golf lessons?”. What I tell every parent is exactly the same. Every child is different. I have kids I work with every week and I have kids I work with every month and many in between. Each child has a different rate of learning. Some want you over them pounding them with info and some want a few things to work on and then left alone. The mistake I see made most often is the child that is pushed into golf and pushed into lessons. This will only make them push it away. I have a twelve year old that has no interest in golf but almost weekly I’m asked, “You must have quite a golfer in Cameron.” When I respond that he does not play, their chins drop. He will come to golf when he’s ready. When they do show interest, don’t miss your chance to get them the best gift you can give them, quality golf instruction from a PGA Professional. They will thank you later.

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